Czech and Slovak Name Days

name day sign


name day sign


name day sign

Name Day Information

Today (13 June 2024):
Czech Name Day: Antonín
Slovak Name Day: Anton
Tomorrow (14 June 2024):
Czech Name Day: Roland
Slovak Name Day: Vasil

Several countries in the world celebrate name days based on a calendar with names assigned to each date. Most of the names are from the saints of the Catholic or Orthodox churches. In past times, all children were given a name from the name day calendar and even today most parents follow the tradition. After all, who would want to deny their children the chance to receive a gift on their name day?

Both the Czech Republic and Slovakia have name day calendars. A person's name day can be celebrated by giving a small gift and a card wishing them all the best. Use the information on this page or from the links below to find out when and how to let your Czech and Slovak friends know you are thinking of them.

Name Day Vocabulary

The following table of words will help you translate the message in the picture you see on this page and will give you an idea of how similar the Czech and Slovak languages are.

name day (formal)jmeninymeniny
name day (informal)sváteksviatok

Additional Resources

You can find out more about name days around the world and see complete name day calandars at these Wikipedia links.

There is also some excellent information available from the MyCzechRepublic site including alphabetized name day lists, diminutive forms of Czech names, and English equivalent names.

Dr. Miroslav Tyrs

Founded the Sokol organization in the Czech lands in 1862.

Tyrs with Sokol